Metal-Expo , MMK | 28 November 2018 г. | 11:27

MMK receives gold at Metal-Expo

MMK receives gold at Metal-Expo

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) became the winner of the 24th International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo`2018". The company won a gold medal for the development and implementation of a production logistics data system, allowing for a significant increase in productivity.

The prize was awarded at the end the forum held in Moscow on November 13-16. Competition winners include leading Russian metallurgical companies and research teams that have developed and successfully introduced new technologies, as well as mastering the production of new types of metal products.

The production logistics data system for a full-cycle metallurgical enterprise was a joint project between MMK and ITC Ausferr. The automated operational scheduling system is important to the implementation of the “Just-in-time” logistic concept, entailing the fully coordinated manufacture of products at the enterprise. As a result, goods are produced and delivered to customers within a predetermined timeframe, and variable costs and warehousing expenses are reduced. The development of the operational scheduling system increases the productivity of units and reduces the “delivery window” - the period during which the order must be completed.

The main objective of the project was the significant improvement of customer service. The implementation of the automated operational scheduling system allows MMK to provide completely novel services among enterprises of such size. For instance:
• The calculation of the shipment date at the time of order receipt with an accuracy satisfying to both sides of the process
• The creation of production and shipment schedules both for the client and production personnel
• The introduction of a customer portal providing access to all relevant information and including a feature allowing the tracking of order progress throughout the production process

This year, MMK received several awards at Metal-Expo. In particular, the company received a diploma for its highly professional organization of product and service promotion. In addition, MMK and MMK-METIZ (part of the MMK Group) operating separate stands at the event, were both awarded the Cup for best exhibit. The forum brought together 560 companies from 32 countries, including 313 Russian companies. Traditionally, the MMK stand is among the largest and most impressive.

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