Ural Steel , Metalloinvest | 19 October 2018 г. | 14:37

Ural Steel successfully passes steel production audit

Ural Steel successfully passes steel production audit

Ural Steel (part of Metalloinvest) has successfully passed the audit of its steel products for compliance with the European standards. TÜV Thüringen e.V. (Erfurt, Germany), one of the leading international certification groups, renewed the compliance certificates for the Company’s steel products used for manufacturing metal structures and vessels handling high pressures.

Ural Steel’s production of constructional steel for metal and reinforced-concrete structures were tested for compliance with the requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation No.305/2011 several years ago. At the time, production of hot rolled plate from low alloy carbon steels was certified for compliance with the requirements of the European Directive 2014/68/EU for vessels handling high pressures and Technical Rules AD 2000W0.

Evgeny Maslov, Managing Director of Ural Steel, commented: “Quality certifications are objective confirmations of compliance of our products with the required standards. Metalloinvest enterprises pay close attention to the certification audits, as these certificates allow our products to compete in the international markets and some types of products can only be sold after being certified.”

Tatyana Hesse, an expert of TÜV Thüringen, visited Ural Steel and conducted a two-day audit, during which she thoroughly checked all of the documents, carefully studied the production chain of flat products from steelmaking to mechanical technological tests.

Tatyana Hess, TÜV Thüringen expert, commented: “Ural Steel produces high quality and competitive steel products which fully comply with the European directives and standards. We have been working with Ural Steel for over five years and conducted the initial certification audit of pressure vessels and construction steel, confirming the use of the CE marking on its products for the deliveries to the European market. Today, we have successfully completed the re-certification process and issued new quality certificates, so Ural Steel could now promote its products on the international markets.”

In conclusion, the expert remarked that all Ural Steel products and production technology comply with the required certification parameters. Ural Steel’s compliance certificates will be valid for three years.

Steel flat products of Ural Steel have always been in demand among Russian and international manufacturers of metal structures and pressure vessels. The quality and competitiveness of the Metalloinvest’s products has improved significantly thanks to the modernisation of the electric steelmaking and sheet rolling processes, which was done as part of the Company’s investment programme.

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